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Trim Squirt Tunner

Tri Tech Industries / Products / Trim Squirt Tunner

Trim Squirt Tunner

Features :

  • System that allows precise nozzle alignment, specially when operating duel orifice Trim Squirt Nozzle.
  • Easy to use adjustment knob
  • Machine Direction impingement angle adjustment and locking features
  • Infinitely variable adjustment +/-3 inch

Usage & Application

Used at both edge of Paper Machine Forming Fabric to cut the paper edge at finest way.

Benefits :

  • Less wet end breaks due to a more precise cut & also due to drop offs.
  • Reduce fuzzing and improve overall cleanliness around trim
  • Improved quality of the cut edge of the sheet
  • Poor edge quality which leads to both quality and runnability issues
  • Less fiber build-up on downstream rolls
  • Better sheet pick up by the press
  • Safe nozzle removal
  • Will increase machine efficiency and productivity.
  • Proven to have a very quick ROI.