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SLDF Screen (Canvas) Cleaner

Tri Tech Industries / Products / SLDF Screen (Canvas) Cleaner

SLDF Screen (Canvas) Cleaner

Spiral Linked Dryer Fabric (SLDF) Cleaning.

Process Advantages (either case) :

  • No chemicals needed to clean the fabrics – ecological friendly and cost savings.
  • No machine shut for manual cleaning – increased production and no safety issue for operators
  • Maintaining high permeability - improves the efficiency of dryer fabrics
  • Improved CD moisture profile – no streaking
  • Reduction of paper breaks- Saves production loss
  • Better Screen performance and life time –saves fabric cost & down time.
  • Paper m/c speed optimization
  • Uniform Drying of Paper.
  • Optimize steam consumption.

Usage & Application

This custom made designed cleaning system can be applied to clean online the SLDF Dryer Screen /Canvas at Paper machine.


  • It is one Mechanical cleaning by Rotary bob & traversing across the dryer fabric.